Automated interaction

Automated interaction enables that computer systems and people communicate directly. In other words client's needs we don't fulfill by connecting them to our employees but with computer systems. But, why we realy do that?

It is the easiest to show usefulness of automation at simple tasks that often repeat, as are account state reading or state counters reporting.  In fact it is about tasks that usually require a large volume of calls, that aren't continuous but are the peak loads. If for that kind of taks would be employed someone, in days when this service is not interesting that employee would receive a salary without specific job to do. In other words, automation can realize operating costs reduction. On the other side these interaction by it's nature cannot fulfill the agent or in the other words is boring and becuase that it causes the departure of agents because of boredom and tiredness. When one agent left we need to hire a new one and train him, because the agent needs some time to learn. So, in case that we keep the agent not only that we won't have additional expenses of employment and education of new agents due there won't be reduction in quality of our service that we provide because the quality of the agents will be continuous.

In the end we come to the fact that today's busy lifestyle makes client to contact the contact center and event beyond what is considered as standard work hours. If we want to fulfill the requirements of such clients we need to hire new agents to work 24/7. In that case the problem is that agents in later hours don't have work to do for 100% of time, but they get salary and according to that they present additional operational expand. If we say that this is too much expand  for small amount of clients we risk that our clients go to somebody with whom is easier to do business and with that we create a reduction in revenue. If we automate these operations we fulfill the customer's requirements to be available when they require, which increases customer satisfaction and reduces the possibility of leaving thus we don't raise the operating costs.

Avaya is the biggest producer of solutions and systems for automation of interactions so it's portfolio consist of:

  • Avaya Aura Experience Portal

Software platform with opened architecture for coordination of automation of calls and multimedial services and applications

  • Avaya Aura Orchestration Designer

It's development environment for fast creation of phone and web applications and applications on social networks including automation of interaction

  • Callback Assist

Enables callers to leave their requests for beeing contact if the agents are currently busy.

  • Proactive Contact

Software that enables contact centers possibility of planning, starting and monitoring of outgoing calls and with appropriate connecting-automation of outgoing contacts.

  • Proactive Outreach Manager

Enables companies creation and performance of automated voice, e-mail or SMS campaign that provide clients abbility of automated interaction or contacts with live agent.