Customer support

Efficient service and expert technical assistance are an important segment in STORM Informatika business. By providing comprehensive and continuous system support, we provide customers with expert support to enhance their business by using our products and solutions. By efficient and easy reporting of problems, customers receive a fast and reliable customer support in problems detection and solving. Problem reporting and detailed tracking from our side, helps users to obtain information about the quickest way to continue their work and information about the current problem.

By quality organization of providing service maintenance and implementation, requests are automatically forwarded to the duty or charge professionals related to the problem/project. The system receives the notifications and follows the requirements in the field of:
- Requests about failures (regardless of whether the equipment is covered by maintenance contract, warranty or maintenance is performed by the call)
- Requests for modifications of existing equipment
- Requests for delivery of new equipment
Reporting and monitoring system require signing up with the username and password. After entering, the system will take you to three main menus: Browse projects, Find issue and Create new issue.


  • Browse Projects: allows you to browse your requests to STORM Informatika and to see the status of their performance
  • Find Issues: helps to search requests with a selection of search categories, concepts and other information that might facilitate the search
  • Create New Issue: the menu helps to create new requests by users. Each request contains the basic fields that must be filled, such as a short description of the failure, about which equipment is the problem and the importance/urgency of the request. Supplemental part that isn’t necessarily to fulfill is the additional information that could be used to solve the problem

Technical department of STORM Informatika is working from 08:00 am – 16:00 pm from Monday till Friday. The requests about failure and interventions are receiving during the work time, unless there is a maintenance contract that enables users to report damages and interventions afterhours.

In case that you are not registered user, please contact us at: Turn on JavaScript!