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Hospitality solutions

Successful hotel business depends on the level of service that you provide to your guest and it is still closely associated with ICT technologies implemented in your hotel.

Intelligent hotel system raises the competitiveness of the hotel providing quality service to guests, enhanced security and cost savings across the business. Accessibility of information everywhere and at any time is the request of today’s guest and to hotel a tool to increase sales of its own services.

We belong to the circle of few companies that have a comprehensive portfolio of hotel solutions, which we are able to project and make operative with own resources. All our solutions are integrated with leading suppliers of hotel software. Regardless if you are building a new hotel, renovating existing one or you want to introduce a new services, we have to offer you our solutions.

Our offer includes following areas:

  • IPTV and Interactive TV (digital TV channels, movies and music on demand, hotel information, games,...)
  • Intelligent hotel rooms (access control, energy consumption, hotel servicing)
  • Internet access (wired and wireless fast Internet access, access authorization and service billing)
  • Telecommunication solutions (phone central, contact centers, active network equipment)
  • Digital Signage (information hotel system, conference rooms, sales centrals, airports...)
  • Hotel equipment (hotel TV, minibar, safe)