IT solutions

We offer you delivery, implementation and maintenance of specialized systems:

Olivetti printers

Olivetti PR2 Plus is specialized multifunctional document printer. Opposite to past models they are equipped with new processors and advanced 2295 Hz print-head unit with extended lifetime (minimum 5 years with printing 300 pages daily). PR2 Plus is projected for printing 291 pages per hour, work with different bank forms, identification of magnetic recordings, OCR, BCR, CMC7 and E13B codes. PR2 Plus uses new ribbon which secures printing to 10 million characters and in combination with 24 pin print-head unit secures greater printing quality. It is equipped with RS 232 (serial), IEEE 1284 (parallel) and USB 2.0 ports.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • To 560 characters/second in VHSD
  • Reading and writing on magnetic track, reading MICR codeline (CMC7/E13B)
  • It can be configured as simple or dual-side scanner for simultaneous scanning of A4 format to 600 dpi
  • New ink ribbons to 10 million characters

Server infrastructure

Our offer includes: rackmount, tower and blade server systems, professional work stations, storage systems. Our main aim is to offer great performances with high competitive prices. So, we don’t offer goods thus we tailor system on your measures! We understand users’ needs and in collaboration with them we design the most optimal solution by combining wide range of racks, motherboards, processors and HDD and SSD memories. Solution is based on Hewlett-Packard and Supermicro technology which provide innovative and reliable technology solutions. We especially emphasize infrastructure maintenance services that provide users with less failure through monitoring system, preventive maintenance and fast problem resolving in cases of equipment failure.


NComputing is an american company that produces equipment and application for virtual desktops creation-solutions that sometimes are called zero clients or thin clients and which enable that more users can simultaneously share one instance of operative system.

Basic features of solution:

  • Central management system = easier, faster and cheaper IT infrastructure management
  • Great savings in equipment and license pricing = drastic increasing of work price
  • Lower energy consumption = bigger work autonomy

Combination of NComputing equipment (devices, zero clients or thin clients) and virtualization application (vSpace desktop virtualization application) uses overage computer capacities of one computer or server for creating virtual desktops. vSpace software enables more simultaneous users’ accounts for work on one operating system and by that you get additional savings in operating system licenses and applications.

vSpace can be implemented individually or in combination with other Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solutions (like Citrix, VMware and Microsoft).

Company offers 4 product lines: X-series, L-series, U-series, M-series and N-series as and OEM chip.

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)

Problem with power supply are the cause of 50% data lost during the computer installations in USA (* source Research Inc.). In today’s business every interruption in system work presents expenses or loss of profit. While on some factors you can’t affect, problem with power supply can be easily resolved. To our clients we offer solutions based on Eaton technology which secures control over surge protection and guaranties needed work autonomy. Starting from simple overvoltage security systems, continuous supply systems of small computer groups to devices of high power and capacity, Eaton Powerware offers answer on every need.

Properly designed system of uninterruptible power supplies, besides power supply stabilization, will provide timely server infrastructure closure, battery status monitoring but also significantly extend the equipment lifetime that is in cases of implementation without a system of continuous power supply exposed to daily electric shocks due to fluctuations in power network. Eaton Powerware is your ideal solution for protection of important data and equipment of “energy” problems.

Time&Frequency-Experts in time and frequency synchronization

Time&Frequency is specialized designer and producer of solutions for time and frequency synchronization which is applied in different environments from telecommunication, manufacturing plants, energy plants, control systems to scientific institution and army.

Products are:

Network Time Servers (PTP and NTP), time measurement systems, master clock solutions, Time&Frequency distribution systems, time displays, monitoring and management software and BUS Level time synchronizators for IT equipment.