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Contact centers

In progress is revolution in customer service field. This revolution is initiated by new generation of customers, new ways of communication and acceptance of social media. To adjust your company to changes you must  have a complete solution for managing of user experience.

Such solution uses new  recommended methods and technologies together with existing resurses. Also, such solution enables the provision of consitent customer service regardless of communication way (phone call, e-mail, chat, fax and other) or the time that suits him to interact (24 hours and 7 days a week) simultaneously allowing company to proactively contact its customers.

Multichannel contact centers

Solutions that we offer provide distribution of contacts toward the agents (e-mail, incoming and outgoing calls, web chat, interaction with social media,…). Spectar of solutions range from simple and robust to sophisticated routings based on current or historical data about the user and state of contact center. However, all solutions have one common thing; they connect users with the best agents in deadlines that business demands.

Automated interaction

There are various jobs in contact centers that „steal“ a lot of time to agents and which repeat from time to time, and they are reduced on information transmission. Considering that data that is needed for this kind of tasks, exist inside of company, automation is a logical step. When you automate forwarding of information you can expand solution on dinamic self service in real time (ex. service ordering or consumption reporting), automation of outgoing interactions (ex. ordering status reporting), callback ordering (call back) or integration and use of existing web applications that can be used to interact over the phone.

Performance management

It's well known quote „You cannot manage what you cannot measure”, what has shown exactly in the field of contacts centers. Because of the process complexity, because of the specificity of some communication channels and the fact that is hard to measure quality of agent's work based on statistical data, there are needed sophisticated solutions for performance management. Such solutions provides balance between efficiency and work quality and provides you data collecting, analysis and starting the actions based on this data due to improvement of your employees performance and process of customer service.