From year 2011. STORM Informatika is one of member companies of STORM Grupa. By association with other members of the group, we offer our customers better service by incorporating competencies of all member companies and by integrating complementary technologies to provide users with a unique, complete service and solutions.

STORM Grupa is one of the leading system integrator on the Croatian IT market. It was established with the aim in integrating technology, differentiation and diversification of supply on the market. Group consists of: STORM Computers, Supranet, STORM Informatika, O2, Proaxis and STORM ICT.

Each member company in a group is specialized in a particular area and together they form a unity which is characterized by a complete service on a „turnkey“ principle. Already, we are recognized as a leading integrator of different specialized systems, and our further goal is to strengthen the position as a technology leader and innovator in the field of our business. Member companies of STORM Grupa last few years successfully operate on the domestic market and offer a wide range of goods and services. Application of expertize of 150 certified company employees in providing profesional services and support (design, consulting, installation, maintenance and education) provide customers with easy and efficient operation.

By cooperation and exchange of knowledges with leading global technology companies, leaders in this area of business, we strive to be a reliable partner of the regional economy, with continued investment in employees' education and development of innovative information and communication solutions. This highlight over 150 certifications of global partners assigned to our employees. Our highly educated employees are in continuous adoption of new knowledges and technologies and with this approach of continuous education, we keep pace with growing global trends.