Digital Signage information system

Power Signage is digital solution designed to manage the static and audio-visual content on interfaces in hotel public areas. System can ensure, except other, guides for conferences in front of conference rooms or even complex information, including advertising, news, weather, timetable, services and etc. Ease of use and universality of the system make it matchless in use in hotels, conference centers, shopping malls, banks, airports and others.

Power Signage is one of the most comprehensive signage system on the market. Server communicates via network with STB next to every TV. Power Signage can use television projectors, LCD, plasma televisions or screens of any size. When it is integrated with PowerTV platform, Power Signage can be installed on IPTV server thus you get reduction of investments. Whole process of content production and distribution occurs in back office, individually and in real time, through a web-based user interface.

Content that can be controlled:

  • Information (news, events, weather, finance and etc.)
  • Hotel's messages to guests
  • Advertising
  • Promotional video about hotel, hotel objects and other
  • TV programmes
  • Music
  • Photographs, presentations
  • Animations, with Flash technology also
  • Internet sites