MeetUP - Contact Center Academy

MeetUP - Contact Center Academy

The 4. MeetUP workshop was organized by companies Radilica and Contact Center Academy in February 2015. It represents a structured business gathering, which was visited by over sixty directors, managers, supervisors and other employees and professionals who are interested in improving knowledge in the domain of contact center management, customer relations and customer service.

Fourth MeetUP was held at the Museum of contemporary art Zagreb with the aim in sharing experience and to obtain concrete solutions for daily work in contact centers. Moderator of discussions was our colleague Viktor Hlača, IT professional in the field of development of technological solutions and contact centers. Most of gathered participants have completed Contact Center Academy (CCA), which gave them additional knowledge and skills that are necessary for the team management, process and contact center technology management. Working in an contact center is often very dynamic, so challenges that leaders face every day can change from day to day. MeetUP is designed so that participants after the completion of the CC Academy program continue to share experience with business colleagues and receive solutions applicable in their everyday work.

For this time, 4. MeetUP prepared a different, interactive concept where the participants themselves had the opportunity to create content through pre-delivered themes and concrete questions from daily contact center administration and management. Topics for which participants showed the most interest, were related to the employees motivation and training (especially the turnover and possible solutions). The workshop provided an insight into the ideas and proposals on technological solutions that enhance and optimize performance in contact centers, such as IVR, different types of dialers and call center applications. Participants had the opportunity to briefly discuss their own and outsourced contact centers and have obtained concrete solutions and ideas that can be immediately applied in their daily work.

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