Avaya IPT and Contact Center are now available in Cloud as a monthly subscription service

Avaya IPT and Contact Center are now available in Cloud as a monthly subscription service- AVAYA POWERED BY IP OFFICE


Migrate to the cloud and use the benefits of unified communications applications that you can easily integrate into your business. With the Avaya Cloud Solution, maintain the simplicity, security and stability of your communication system without capital investment.

Your business does not stagnate, so do not allow your telephony or contact center to stagnate. With Powered by IP Office Avaya Cloud Solution for Small and Medium Business you obtain proven software and functionality as if you have acquired your own telecommunications system.

Powered by Avaya IP Office Telephony and IPOCC Contact Center are based on the Avaya IP Office platform, a telecoms solution that supports mobility, voice and video communications across devices, and supports up to 3000 users.


Functionality and Benefits:

• Integrated IP telephony and contact center as a service with monthly subscription

• Advanced CC and UC capabilities - determine what solution you need, start with a contact center, telephony or both services.

• Flexibility of the service allows you to increase or decrease the number of users according to your needs

• Multi-channel communication: voice, chat, email

• Agents (Voice and Multichannel), Supervisors, UCs, and Telephone Users' Licenses

• The system designed up to 250 agents and up to 3000 UC users

• End-to-end solution with outgoing campaigns, IVR, recording conversation, integrated reporting

• Audio conference solution up to 128 users


Examples of Usage Services:

• Sales teams requiring Unified Communications

• customer service - contact centers

• Disaster recovery

• Capacity management due to seasonal fluctuation of people

• Growth in business and number of employees

• Mobility and work from home

• Using state-of-the-art technology and refreshing hardware